Kwikee Steps Broken Again 2017 07 25

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All though I did not document the replacement of the original steps here on my web site I did on and can be seen at this link.

I replaced the entire assemble because the price was right (they were on sale).

I have had nothing but problems with these steps.

The last time it was the connector from the controller to the step motor. I found the solution to that problem on YouTube at this link.

The fix suggested in this link actually fixed the intermittent problem for several months.

This past week they stopped working yet again.





I did the usual tests, I checked the fuses of which there are two, one for the motor and the other for the trip switch

So having been forced to work on these steps so many times I now know enough to know how to gain access to the guts. First thing is to remove the face plate under the entrance to the Motor Home.




The next thing you have to do is to remove the cotter pin from the pivot pin and drive the pivot pin out so that the steps will deploy to give access to the guts.

This is easier said than done, there is next to no room to work in this area.



Now we need to test the controller to see if it is sending power to the motor. By using a magnet to trip the micro switch in the door jam you can fool the controller that the door is either open or closed. With a test light you can see if the controller is sending power to the step motor.


So the controller works, time to pull the motor and gear drive out.





I took it down to the work bench and applied power to the terminals, it acted like a dead short. I put a socket on the nut for the pivot arm and applied some pressure and tried power again and now the motor and gear drive works as it should.




I purchased the entire step assembly from PPL on 09/04/2015. I gave them a call and they tell me they do not know if the manufacture warranty is one or two years. I supplied all the numbers on the bottom of the motor and they found no match, The paper on the label is not even dirty and the numbers are very clear 369545, 214-1001, 5F30, Assembly Step “B” Straight.

They identified the steps as a Series 28, they came up with a Conversion assemble motor and gear box for $209.63, and the motor they came up with was $59.99. They could not tell me what “conversion assembly” meant. They suggested I call Kwikee in the morning at 866-574-1688.

I am thinking that it is the gear assembly that might be bad, but it could be the motor. Who knows



So I reinstalled the gear and motor assembly and for now the steps are working again…for now.


So…what to do, I think what I have to do is get a motor and gear assembly to carry at least as a spare, if not just install them outright to forgo any more problems. The question is will they be warrantied. PPL wants $209.63 for the “Conversion Assembly” whatever that is, and they cannot tell Me, maybe Kwikee can in the morning. The thing that gets me is I paid back in 9/4/15 $299.97 for the whole step assembly.

Ok talked to Lippert (owner of Kwikee Steps) this morning, Warranty is two years for an originally installed set of steps from an RV manufacture, but only one year if installed by a customer.

Talked with the Representative and talked him into sending me a goodwill motor and gear box assembly.

Three days to process the order and three days travel. We will have to leave without the replacement, cross our fingers that they work for two weeks.