License Plate Bracket Repair 2017 05 24

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So it has been awhile since I documented a project, and it turns out I am out of practice.

I did not take the correct pictures to present what I wanted to share. But here goes.

I have a real problem with the quality control of the RV industry. I ordered a replacement license plate bracket and light for the rear of the motor home.

The original one was falling apart, the cover for the light was a chrome piece.

What was send from America Coach is pictured below. The light cover is black plastic and the mount for the light was riveted on crooked.


I cannot leave it like that so apart it must come.


Once the original rivets were drilled out it was simply a matter of riveting it back together straight. Surely a matter as simple as this can be done by a multi-million dollar industry.


The rivets that hold the license plate light and bracket to the motor home now must be drilled out.

Turns out the designers designed this in a way that is pretty easy to swap in a new license plate bracket. The hole in the motor home that the wire goes through is large enough to allow the plug in the wiring harness to come through the hole for access without having to crawl under the motor home 



I cut the jack off the old harness and connect it to the new bracket.





Taped all up just like I found it and tested everything

I pop riveted it back on the motor home just like it was when I found it. Now if I could just find the chrome cover for the light, I will swap it out and no one would ever know it has been replaced. I did put it aside so I could do this, but I cannot find it now!
It is now straight just as it should be